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Our heritage is all those things we have, often achieved at the cost of much work and effort, so it is necessary to take care of it. This can be in many forms, such as money, whether in banks or electronic money, movable or immovable property, among others.

When it comes to real estate we choose to store them in places that we consider safe, and a tool that provides us with this security are the locks. Utensil known to all used to safely close doors of houses, gates of sheds, bars, lockers and other places where we house our most important belongings.

The locks come in different sizes and with different shapes to be used in different applications, there are small ones to be used in suitcases or backpacks, medium ones to be used in lockers or doors, and large ones that can be used in large gates or containers. They also come with different shapes to fit the hoops where the padlock is placed.

The 20 Best Padlocks The padlocks have other characteristics that differentiate them from each other, one is the way it is opened, it can be locked, combined or mixed. Its material also influences its quality, since a stronger material provides greater security for the material.

All these aspects should be reviewed when selecting a lock. Check these characteristics so that the lock you choose is the most suitable for the use you are going to give it.

In the following article we made a compilation with the 20 best locks that are available in the market, with a description of it, its technical details, advantages and disadvantages, in order to provide you with the best information on the subject and avoid wasting your money in a padlock that does not work or that is not in line with your needs.

Autsca – Lock with key safe

Autsca – Lock with key safe This lock has a double functionality since in addition to a lock, its body consists of a mini safe that opens at the same time as the lock, perfect for storing keys or any other small object.

Inside it has enough space to store up to 20 keys, this can be nailed to the wall or hung

This lock and safe is made of an alloy between resistant steel and high quality aluminum. Its materials make it resistant to the elements so it can be perfectly suitable for outdoor use. For example to lock the farm or garage. Or to store the keys outside the house by fixing the padlock in a safe place avoiding having to carry them in the body.

The padlock and the safe are unlocked by means of a roller mechanism with which a combination of four digits is introduced, that is to say there are more than ten thousand possible combinations which makes it very difficult for an intruder to steal the key that opens the padlock, providing thus security to this element.

Its aluminum alloy body with steel makes it resistant to attacks with hammers, drills and saws by keeping both the padlock and the mini safe closed, keeping the contents stored inside it safe.

The lock comes by default with the combination 0-0-0-0 to change it you must open the safe, in the inner door of the box you must press the subtract lever towards the right and up, once this is done proceed to turn the knobs and put them with the desired combination. Then return the reset lever to its original position down and to the left. Finally, make sure that the padlock latch moves smoothly, if you do this it means that the change of the opening code was completed successfully. The lock includes a user manual.

The lock does not have keys, so it is advised that you avoid losing your password since without it you can get a lot of work to recover the contents of the box.

In order to ensure the protection of your possessions it is recommended not to use easy decipher combinations such as 0-0-0-0 or 1-2-3-4. It is also advisable to rotate the rollers at least once a week so that they do not lock due to any impurity. This product is the number one of the best sellers on Amazon in the category of key cabinets.

Autsca – Lock with key safe

  1. Kurtzy 1 Kg – Heavy duty padlock
    Kurtzy 1 Kg – Rugged padlock This rugged county offered by krutzy is designed to offer maximum protection for your possessions, it is made of hardened steel that resists closing and drilling attacks, making it difficult for anyone to open this padlock without a key. This lock offers high confidence since it is made with security in mind.

The padlock has dimensions of 91 mm x 68 mm x 27 mm which makes it quite difficult to destroy with blows. Its shackle is 1.4 cm in diameter, which fits most hoops or latches. If you have a container that needs a large and resistant padlock, this padlock is convenient for you.

This lock comes with 5 keys, so you have enough duplicates for a long time since if you run out of keys you may have to spend a lot of work to recover your belongings. 5 keys are enough to distribute to your family or your business staff, however it is recommended to keep a couple of keys in a safe place as a spare.

This lock provides enough security to be used in containers to protect a merchandise, to protect your garage, at the gate of your house when you travel or also in a locker.

This lock comes with a warranty. Kurtzy offers 100% refund of your money in case you are not satisfied with the product.

TACKLIFE-HCL3B-2 Packs – Combination Lock

TACKLIFE-HCL3B-2 Packs – Combination padlock TACKLIFE-HCL3B-2 is a pack of two black and orange padlocks with a very sporty and youthful design. It is also quite light and easy to transport, since it weighs less than 300 grams. It is designed to be used in cabinets, luggage suitcases, lockers and other applications where a medium-sized lock is required

It has no key and is unlocked by using a four-digit password, that is, it has more than ten thousand possible combinations, being ten times more secure than 3-digit locks.

The entire lock is made of metal, which provides high durability. The body of the lock is made of a zinc alloy while the shackle is made of hardened steel, this provides high security and resistance to the padlock. The rollers for entering the code are made of alloy and corrosion resistant metal.

To enter the code, the padlock has four rollers arranged vertically. On its side it has a window that allows a quick reading of the code, the casters can be turned easily and accurately when you want to unlock the lock. You must remember the password as it is the only way that the lock has to open

The default code is 0-0-0-0, to change it you must lift the shackle, and turn it 90 degrees counterclockwise, and then push it down, at that time you will notice that the small pin will be inside the space.

Once with the shackle in this position you can move the rollers to form the configuration you want. Then turn the shackle back and in this way the code setup will be finished.

ABUS 29875 – Combination lock

ABUS 29875 – Combination padlock The lock is unlocked by means of a code that is entered by means of four dials or casters, therefore the code is made up of 4 digits, that is to say with ten thousand possible combinations, providing high security since this makes it difficult to guess or crack the key.

It is a small padlock and weighing approximately 200 grams but its hardened steel body provides strength and resistance. It is a lightweight lock, such as luggage, sports or school lockers or other uses where a small lock is needed but provides protection. Its size of approximately 50mm makes it very easy to carry, as it can be easily carried in a pocket. You can carry this lock with you all day and use it in the different places you want.

Its body and shackle are made of hardened steel which provides resistance, however being a small padlock can be vulnerable to attacks of great power.

It is a very good padlock for its size that is why its use is recommended in temporary cases such as lockers in which maximum security is not needed. For cases of greater security or in which a possible attacker has more time and tools it is advisable to use a larger and more robust padlock.

Silverline 472645 – Galvanized steel padlock

Silverline 472645 – Galvanized steel lock This robust padlock is made to offer you a very high security. It has a fairly robust body that makes it resistant to taqueros with drills, shears or hammers providing the protection you need for your important utensils

It has the form of a standard key lock, but instead of a key it is unlocked with a combination of four digits, that is, it has a total of ten thousand possible combinations.

The combination is introduced by turning the dials. Most of the high security locks are key, and code locks are usually less robust, for use in lockers or if they are smaller for use in luggage. This combines both worlds and is undoubtedly the strongest and most robust combination padlock on our list.

It has a fairly hard stainless steel coating that also protects it from corrosion, and gives it a golden color. His shackle is made of hardened steel.

Its shape has a special design made to prevent the shackle from being cut. Its dimensions are 72mm high x 52mm wide x 28 thick and its shackle has a diameter of 7mm.

The shackle has a space of approximately 2.5 cm both horizontally and vertically. The weight of the padlock is 176 grams.

It can be used in barns, garages, doors and other applications where a good resistance lock is needed

Final Considerations

As it was observed there are some characteristics in common between the locks, but also different characteristics that adapt to the different needs of the users; keep in mind that when selecting your lock you must take into account so that you want it. In this list several small locks made especially for trips but that do not present great resistance were presented, they do not recommend these to protect valuable things.

There are also a series of intermediate resistance locks, these are more versatile, but we recommend their use especially in lockers and chests inside your home. They were presented much more robust locks of more than half a kilogram of weight, with thick shackles, only to be used in gates and containers, these have high security.

On the other hand, the presented locks are classified between those that are unlocked by key and those that use keys, the key locks are more practical due to the fact that a key is not needed, but we saw as a common pattern that some of them usually present failures in the mechanism, in the same way these locks can be opened by testing each of the possible combinations, if good security is required it is recommended to select a four-digit padlock since it has ten thousand possible combinations while one of three digits only presents a thousand possible combinations.

On the other hand, key locks cannot be cracked like combination locks and tend to be safer, but they present the complication of having to keep a key and lose it can be a very difficult problem to solve.

We hope this article has been useful and that you have been able to find in this list a lock that meets your needs. And that you can protect your belongings with peace of mind and without spending extra money.

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